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Wood Decking

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At Professional Building Services, we have grown to become one of the most credible decking companies in New Hampshire & Massachusetts. Our skilled craftsmen take an idea and a dream and put it to life. No matter what size deck you are looking for from simple to extravagant, we provide wood decks to all of our customers. We understand while there are other composite decking materials out there, there are some people that just need the unique and organic look of wood.

What Do You Get With A New Wooden Deck?

  • Natural & real feel that is unique to only real wood
  • Appealing smell
  • Durability that can last for more than 50 years

If you are thinking about buying a wooden deck, do understand that you may be paying more than composite decks and there is a bit more maintenance to keep that beauty you love after it’s first installed.

For more information about our wood decking services, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to come out and provide you a free estimate. We can be contacted over the phone at 603-898-2977 or through our online contact form.

Framing: Pressure Treated Wood

  • Most existing pressure treated framing is aged, weathered wood has lost its ability to hold paint, stain, and nails.
  • There are many different kinds of pressure treated wood that vary in chemical treatment and are ineffective because they rot and decay easily.
  • 15+ years ago, conventional PT wood lasted longer because of the chemical agent copper arsenic. After studies, they took it out and cut the lifespan of wood in half. Now, we only use ground contact rated wood.
  • PBS highly recommends using ONLY ground contact rated wood & Trex Protect. The best solution is Trex Elevations Steel Framing (LGS).

Framing: Trex Protect

    • We highly recommend using the Trex Protect solution over the new framework, which will lengthen the life of the framing to match the life of the decking.
    • This adhesive butyl deck flashing tape is designed to protect the top joist or beam from moisture, which can lead to joist rot and loosening of deck screws and fasteners.
    • Since this tape is superior to asphalt-based joist tape and beam tape, the materials do not bleed, dry out quickly, curl up, and hold water.

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