Winter Construction Best Practices

Winter Construction Best Practices

Wintertime in New England means harsh winds, double-digit negative air temperatures, low wind-chill temperatures, and snowfall. However, the exterior work on homes must still be done, meaning contracting companies must take extra precautions to maintain top safety protocols. To keep running efficiently and timely all 12 months of the year, the team and Professional Building Services have adopted various wintertime tactics that keep the crew comfortable without sacrificing efficiency.


How To Maintain Efficiency In The Wintertime


Stay Warm And Dry


Thankfully, our team of skilled crew members have learned to acclimate themselves to the winter weather properly over time. Still, we also do everything we can to keep them warm and dry, even in the frigid month of February. This includes discussing frostbite and strategies for staying warm during weekly crew meetings, and on days when it’s freezing, the on-site foreman regularly monitors the crew for any signs of distress. If needed, he will promptly call for a mandatory warm-up period for all crew members to ensure proper safety.


Have The Proper Clothing 


Every crew member must have proper winter work gear to ensure efficiency and timely work. Without our supplied jackets, hats, gloves, sweatshirts, and undershirts, productivity and overall well-being drastically decreases. Some of our favorite suppliers of winter work gear include Ironclad Cold Condition gloves, Atlas Therma Fit gloves, and Carolina’s model CA321 9-inch insulated boots.


Ensure Proper Equipment


One of the essential tasks that we do is overnight charging tool batteries to ensure that the crews will have fresh battery packs every morning. We recommend using a single tool platform such as DeWalt’s Flexvolt 20v system; this helps keep track of the 15 to 20 battery packs each crew uses more easily.


Sell The Work


While everyone would love steady and reliable weather to entice new builds year-round, winter makes it a little more challenging. However, here at PBS, we like to sell our decking services in the winter as it is less noisy as home windows are closed, and the snow muffles the sound; it’s safer as children won’t be in the yard, and the customer will get to enjoy the new build as soon as the weather turns! Relaying this information to prospective clients is critical to captivate the attention and get them excited for their deck or other service.


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