Why James Hardie?

As a homeowner, you have options when it comes to who will be remodeling your house and what materials you want going on your house. So, with other siding materials out there such as wood siding and vinyl siding, why would you want to choose James Hardie siding? There are so many factors at play that make James Hardie a growing success, but we have put together some comparisons below that highlight the most important variables at play.rs13793_comparison


James Hardie Siding is designed to provide your home with enduring beauty for decades.

  • Specifically formulated for the harsh New England climate.
  • Won’t warp, expand, or contract
  • Doesn’t Rot
  • Pests won’t eat it. Woodpeckers won’t peck it.




Low Maintenance

Why choose a product that requires ongoing time, money & frustration? Hardie provides homeowners with an unmatched low-maintenance solution.

  • Cleaning is easy! Hit Hardie with a garden hose and you’re good to go.
  • Say goodbye to repainting and caulking every 5 years.
  • James Hardie comes pre-painted (15 year warranty) and can be repainted with ease.


Transform the aesthetics of your home by revamping its historical character or provide it with ha contemporary flare!

Hardie offers more cladding options than any other siding manufacturer in the country. No matter what look you want to achieve, Hardie has the products to make your vision a reality.

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