Why is Steel Framing a better option than Pressure Treated (PT) Framing?

Why is Steel Framing a better option than Pressure Treated (PT) Framing?

“I really should do Steel Framing for my Trex Deck, but I just don’t think I can afford it.”

We hear it all the time! It is a popular misconception. Some of you may be aware of the current trade dispute between the U. S. and Canada called the “Softwood Lumber Dispute.” If you haven’t heard of it, what does this dispute have to do with your framing? Well, lumber prices just keep on climbing up.

The silver lining of this issue with Canada and the U.S. right now is that with the cost of lumber rising, the difference between steel framing and pressure treated framing is so minuscule that our homeowners are making the better choice for their Trex Decking.

Why is Steel Framing a better option than Pressure Treated (PT) Framing? I’ll give you 3 main reasons.

1. Type of PT: 
Did you know that there are more than one types of pressure treated wood? Honestly, there are many types that are nowhere near where they should be to be allowed as deck framework. The Chuck-in-a-Trucks out there who get the lowest grade PT wood can charge the least amount of money. Not all PT wood is ground contact. You get what you pay for!

2. Longevity of Trex Decking:
The average lifespan of PT wood framing is 4-7 years. With Trex Decking’s 25 year warranty on materials, why would you put something that won’t even last half of the lifespan of the decking? One of the beauties of Trex Decking is it’s low maintenance material and easy to clean abilities. Don’t add more frustration and spend double your money in the long haul. Do you really want to worry about rot, termites, painting, etc. No! Have the peace of mind that your deck’s framing shares the same warranty as your Trex Decking.

3. Craftsmanship:
Did you know that we are TrexPro Platinum installers? Better yet, # 2 in the nation. Even better, we sit on an Elite Council for Trex consisting of only 16 installers? To say the least, we love what we do, have fun while we do it, and train so we can do THE coolest techniques Trex has ever seen. Our work is featured on the walls of Trex University, on the Trex website, and in Trex brochures. Because of our standing with Trex, Trex offers a labor warranty on our work. 5 years for Steel Framing and 2 years on PT. We have a framing oven that can even curve the steel framing into a custom look.
We have the tightest radius on record– check out the photo above! Steel is quicker to install, looks beautiful, and is becoming increasingly popular in New England. 4 out of 5 of our decking homeowners are choosing this framing to enhance the return on their investment.

Honestly, we could talk all day long about why Steel Framing is superior to PT wood.

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