Why ‘Go-Overs’ Are Not Safe

Why ‘Go-Overs’ Are Not Safe

We get it! You’re sick of maintaining your peeling deck boards & tightening those wobbly railings. It seems like a no-brainer that all you need is a “go-over” solution as some local carpenters may support. “The supports and framing are ‘fine’!” However, decking failures are common and deadly. When trying to comparing apples-to-apples with quotes, it is extremely difficult for homeowners to see what a couple extra thousands of dollars gets you and is needed.
There are many inexperienced or untrustworthy contractors out there who cut corners on materials and install & who won’t pull permit. Even when permits are pulled, there is no way building inspectors or contractors can guarantee the homeowner’s safety when they can’t assess if the existing supports are the right depth and torc. While we understand that homeowners want to save cost, it always becomes a “you get what you pay for” scenario & at the homeowner’s expense/safety. As national deck experts, Professional Building Services will never recommend “Go-Overs” & will always push for proper install of helical piles.
What are helical piles? They are steel posts with a helix on the end of them, which are driven deep into the ground to stabilize and support the structures above (like decks and homes) that are effected by climate change.
Consumers need to make sure that these piles are installed properly by their decking contractor. They can do this by:
  1. Legality: Requesting proof of Dig Safe report & physical building permit card with accurate description of materials and installation.
  2. Expertise: Checking that a Registered Professional Engineer reviews and approves the helical pile install with a signed certificate.
  3. Quality: Making sure the materials used, are the materials promised. Ensure that they have not been recycled by a previous job site. Inspectors commonly find previous supports that involve improper welding, painted parts, and wrong steel components.
We hire engineers featured in the video below, who are undoubtedly certified and ensuring our homeowners’ safety. At PBS, we do not compromise and cut corners to cut homeowner costs. As a family-operated company, we truly treat our homeowners like family and stand behind our experts’ material selections & installation techniques.
We do and are building decks year round, so make sure to start planning of you Spring & Summer 2021 projects early. It is smart to do decking projects while your spending most of your time indoors, so you can enjoy your yard and oasis as soon as spring rolls around! Now is an ideal time to get on the schedule and invest in your exterior project by contacting us at Professional Building Services .

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