Why Build Your Deck in the Winter?

Why Build Your Deck in the Winter?

It happens every year here at Professional Building Services: homeowners don’t start planning their new project until early spring or summer and by that time, most contractors are backed up three to five months for installation and another summer and fall has passed without enjoying our beautiful New England weather. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the nice sunny days and cool nights grilling out on your new deck with your friends and family? Since we all seem to have more time in the winter, it is the perfect time to plan your deck project and then be able to enjoy it all summer.  Here are some helpful tips when it comes to planning your deck project.
Where you decide to build your deck is one of the most important things to consider. There are a lot of factors that you need to contemplate instead of just choosing somewhere at the rear of your home.
Some potential issues to consider:
  1.  Conservation restrictions
  2. Level and even terrain
  3. Amount of sunlight exposure
  4. Functionality of space
  5. Type of soil and water drainage system

What about design? Do you want just a simple, one tier, rectangular shaped deck? How about color of railing? Number of stair cases? Lighting in your post caps? We offer deck design services with our top notchCAD software to show you all of your options–even Trex curved decking and railing.

These are just SOME of the factors you need to collaborate on with your Trex Expert to help build your dream deck. As you can imagine, this design and selection process could take weeks (possibly a couple of months if you hit conservation issues with the town during the permitting process).

We understand how much this outdoor living space means to you, which is why we encourage homeowners to plan and plan EARLY so they don’t feel rushed into making these selections just to get their decks done before their 4th of July parties. Start asking and planning NOW.

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