Vinyl Siding Melting

Vinyl Siding Melting

There are reasons after reasons that Professional Building Services prefers James Hardie Siding over all other siding solutions. The product stands for itself but some of the other reasons are the deficiencies that we see in other materials such as vinyl and wood.  If you haven’t heard of it before it may come as a little bit of a surprise, but it’s actually possible for your siding to get melted from a neighbors windows. That is right…. with the hot summer sun, the reflection from another window leaves your vinyl siding vulnerable to possible melting. If you NEED to get vinyl siding make sure you get the highest grade possible because older and normal grade types are where we see this.

When Should I Be Concerned? 

Houses that are fairly close to each other see this happen more than others. Its because one home will get hit by direct sunlight and it will reflect right into another homes vinyl siding. It is important to notice this situation if you believe it could happen to you. Talk to your neighbor and see if you can resolve the solution. Here are a few ways to prevent your siding from melting.

  • Adding a Full Screen Over the Shining Window
  • PTI Screen or Film
  • Replacing the Window Glass
  • Plant an intersecting tree or plant

If this all seems like an inconvenient hassle, then you’re right. Lets put this into perspective when we talk about fires.

  1. Fire burns through wood
  2. Fire Melts Vinyl Almost Instantly
  3. James Hardie wont even ignite when exposed to a direct flame

It is an amazing product and we are truly happy to work with it.

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