Top Reasons To Invest in Siding!

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Top Reasons To Invest in Siding!

Is your house overdue for a little TLC, but you don’t know where to begin? With so many areas of your home to consider, it can be difficult to prioritize which projects will help your home’s functionality and efficiency. What is the best project to tackle to enhance your home’s overall health? While roofing, decking, windows, and doors all have their own benefits, having a climate and element “bullet proof” siding takes the take on being the best investment for your home. Here are some top reasons to invest in siding.

1. Peace of Mind: Keep the Outside Outside:

Your siding is the first line of defense against all enemies–insects, water, fire, rot, snow, rain, etc. We’ve found wood, masonite, and vinyl are easily thrown around by mother nature in polarizing climates like New England. Making sure you have the right coat of armor that will guard your family and your belongings from harm saves a lot of headaches, heartache, and aggravation. By investing in strong, properly installed and warrantied siding, you can keep the outside outside.

2. Comfort & Energy Efficiency:

Spoiler alert: many homes we remodel pre-1970 have zero house wrap.That means, the only thing between the exterior and your interior is your rotten plywood. Yikes!

As homes modernize, there have been advances in energy-efficiency. Not only is this beneficial to the environment but to you as well. There are some house wraps (like Typar and Tyvek) that are a step in the right direction in lessening unwanted drafts. However, the strength and efficiencies go unmatched to Hardie’s House Wrap. In doing siding projects correctly, there is also efficiencies in the flashing around windows and doors. We find that these areas that are most vulnerable in the home are not flashed properly (if at all) in 9 out of10 siding projects we install. Putting valuable energy efficient products with proper installation on your home will result in having less need to adjust your thermostat; therefore, decreasing in your energy bills.

Now is an ideal time to get on the schedule and invest in your exterior project by contacting us at Professional Building Services . Give us a call today (603) 898-2977!

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