Tips for Creating Your Staycation!

Tips for Creating Your Staycation!

Anyone else daydreaming of warmer weather after yesterday’s snowstorm?  We are jealous of those of you lucky enough to be enjoying school’s winter break in somewhere more tropical. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring some elements of your relaxing vacation? Let’s design your perfect staycation!

Here are some tips on how to get started and picture what your easily accessible outdoor oasis could become:
  • Create separate living areas. Maybe you want to one area on your deck to grill and another area to curl up with a good book in the shade?
  • Set up a backyard movie theater with a clothes line and bedding
  • Relax in your hot tub or pool
  • If you don’t have a pool, declare a water game day with water balloons, sprinklers, super-soakers, and a kiddie pool
  • Hang a hammock for a lazy summer day
  • Enjoy Sunday dinner under the stars
  • Hide the electronics, build a fort, and have a game night
  • Grow a vegetable garden with the kids
  • Construct a bonfire pit surrounded by composite Adirondack chairs & make s’mores
  • Play catch, frisbee, volleyball, or soccer–winner gets to choose what’s for dinner
  • Set up an auto-reply e-mail for the weekend–leave business in the office
  • Host a neighborhood  BBQ and host a friendly competition of who can make the best rub.
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