The Ultimate Deck Safety Checklist: Ensuring Your Outdoor Space is Secure

The Ultimate Deck Safety Checklist: Ensuring Your Outdoor Space is Secure

With the warmer weather finally here, there is no better place to relax, host friends & family, and enjoy the outdoors than on your deck. Outdoor spaces, such as decks, are fantastic additions to any home or property as they provide year-round stellar enjoyment and entertainment as they greatly expand any area. However, when not properly maintained, installed correctly, or cared for, decks can pose many safety problems. To ensure your deck is a certified oasis, come this summer; you will want to ensure that your deck meets all safety and quality standards. To help you do so, the industry experts at Professional Building Services have compiled our deck safety checklist to keep your deck as safe as possible.


Top 4 Deck Safety Top Tips


Replace Any Worn-down Or Rotten Wood

Over time, deck wood may rot. This rotting can be due to many external factors, such as rain, massive amounts of snow, and heavy air moisture. In addition, rotting can be caused by insect infestation and termites. This rotting weakens the structure of your deck, leaving the potential for you or guests to fall through. If only a few sections are rotted, replace those boards or consult a professional if your entire deck seems to be affected.


Check, Tighten Or Repair Railings

Deck railings are very high-traffic areas, as your family and friends consistently hold on to them for support as they travel up and down your stairs. While this isn’t something you always think about, railings can loosen after many years of usage. This Spring, check your railings to see if they feel loose. If they do, tighten the fasteners to ensure optimal safety.


Examine The Wood For Cracks 

As time passes, your deck may crack or creak due to the materials’ time under tension. If you notice new cracks or loud noises when you walk on your deck, it is best to take note of them. If you notice the cracks are getting bigger or new ones are arising, consider filling in the cracks or replacing the wood.


Determine If Insects Are Invading The Wood

When examining your deck this Spring, take a look for any influx of insects or termites. These pesky critters can cause massive amounts of damage to your deck. Whether it’s termites, carpenter bees, or ants, they can destroy the integrity of your deck. If you notice any critters or hollow wood, it may be time to replace your deck to ensure safety. 


Do I Need To Contact A Professional?

Over time every form of building material experiences wear and tear, which comes with the possibility of cracks, missing screws, and more. If you follow our checklist and notice severe or significant damage to your deck, contact the professionals at PBS immediately. We have earned elite recognition from Trex and Azek Decking and would be thrilled to utilize our skills to help you restore your deck and get you back to your outdoor oasis immediately!


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