The Guide to Designing a Portico Perfect for Summer Gatherings

The Guide to Designing a Portico Perfect for Summer Gatherings

As the Summer heat rolls in, the days begin to extend, and your backyard and patio areas soon form into an excellent gathering place. Whether for an after-work cookout, a family day outside, or anything in between, having a space in your backyard is fantastic to enjoy all that Summer has to offer! With these potential capabilities and enjoyment opportunities comes the design aspect. A well-curated portico for your patio is vital to a relaxing, inviting, and sun-safe space. To help you curate a portico space that is excellent for summer gatherings, the team at Professional Building Services has compiled our complete guide to help you create a stunning outdoor area.


Our Tips For Designing A Portico For Summer Fun


Create A Cohesive Color Scheme


When beginning to design your portico and back patio/porch area, it is essential to keep in mind the color scheme of your home’s exterior. You will want to use those colors and themes in your portico build. Doing so will allow your portico to complement your home and the surrounding exterior. For example, if you have a neutral home, consider leaning into the neutral palette in terms of color scheme for the portico, outdoor furniture, etc.


Chose A Matching Exterior Style


Porticos come in many different shapes and sizes and offer the opportunity to add various design elements. The style of portico that you choose should complement your architectural property to make the structure look like a component of your home. For example, if you have a modern home, we recommend you go with a portico that has clean lines, is simple, and fits within the modern aesthetic. 


Make It Functional


While your portico and patio should be a place where you can go and unwind or host, they should also be functional spaces where you can have multifunctional areas. We recommend considering adding an outdoor kitchen, grilling space, furniture, tables, chairs, etc. These items can make the space more enjoyable as you bring your interior needs to the exterior.


Create An Entertainment Space


In the midst of Summer, you will be utilizing your portico space as a complete hub for entertainment. To maximize your new space, we recommend creating an entertainment hub for your portico. This includes adding a sound system for music, a television equipped for the outdoors, and other features you enjoy when hosting indoors!


Add Lighting


While Summer days are long, eventually, the night sky takes over, making proper lighting essential for your portico. Quality lighting is needed to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere even after the sun goes down! Lighting can come in the form of lanterns, string lights, candles, etc. 


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