Steel Framing vs. Wood Framing Is Steel Worth the Investment?

Steel Framing vs. Wood Framing Is Steel Worth the Investment?

Since Covid hit, we’re home more than ever. Many homeowners are taking this opportunity to create their own outdoor sanctuary; whether that looks like a low-maintenance spot for coffee & reading, a cook out, or hosting a children’s birthday party. You are seeing the potential for decking as an extension of our living space and we’ve been creation some solutions. But the biggest question with rising PT wood prices has been, should materials should we have for framing: wood or steel?

1. Installation & Look:

PT wood is heavy and has varying levels of quality that effects price. With steel framing, the building time is cut in half. It stays flat, is easy to cut, and demands less beams and footings when compared to wood framing. The increased joist spans of Black Sand Colored Powder Coated Galvanized Steel virtually disappears when you’re above or below your raised deck overlooking a patios.

2. Warranty:

When building with composite decking and railings, it can be counterproductive to put a 25 year product on top of wood framing. Even wood sealants and butyl tapes (when done correctly) does not provide the 25 Year Limited Residential Warranty provided by Preferred Platinum Fortress Installers like us. Even better, as a Fortress Preferred level contractor, Fortress offers you a labor warranty on us: 5 year labor warranty of steel framing. Pay once and enjoy forever!

3. Materials: 

This steel framing solution is non-combustible as well as corrosion, fire, and mold resistant and invulnerable to splitting, warping, rotting, and pesky insect damage. It’s environmentally friendly, chemical free and is made of 25% Recovered Steel, which makes it more sustainable than wood.

4. Design: 

Hands down, there is much more freedom and creativity with steel framing. Due to the fragility of wood, it cannot be bent safely nor bent to the same radius as steel. Dry-space solutions are also another reason why homeowners select steel over wood framing. We absolutely love using our CAD software to collaborate with homeowners on their perfect outdoor oasis. 80% of our decks involve some component of Curved Framing! The majority of these are curved breakfast nooks, fire-pits, and staircases.

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