Spring into Savings: How Roof Maintenance Can Lower Your Energy Bills

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Spring into Savings: How Roof Maintenance Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Lower Your Energy Bills With Roof Maintenance


Your roof is a core element that protects your most valuable asset- your home, valuables, friends, family, pets, and more. However, did you know that your roof can do more than protect your home? When you properly maintain, keep up with, and repair your roof when needed, you are actively reducing your heating and cooling bills. To do so, you must dedicate time to view your roof and periodically inspect it professionally or independently; we recommend two times a year. During this time, you can view any issues that need to be addressed, ensuring your roof remains in good shape to keep your energy costs down. If you are looking to spring into saving this season, the industry experts at Professional Building Services have compiled a list of our top tips to help you lower your energy bills through your roof.


The Role of Maintenance & Roofing in Energy Efficiency


Maintenance Can Ensure You Have Adequate Insulation

Hot and cold temperature transfer is a significant issue with roofs that are not properly insulated, as they exponentially drive up your energy bills. When your roof does not have proper insulation in the summer, it will absorb heat, driving up air conditioning bills. In the winter, a similar issue happens as your roof will allow the warm air to escape, increasing your heating bills. To save on your energy bills, you should contact a professional roofing contractor, such as the team at Professional Building Services, to insulate your roof correctly. Doing so will help you significantly reduce the heat/cool transfer amount, maintaining a controlled and proper temperature in your home year-round.


Can Address Issues Early

Proper roof maintenance involves actively inspecting your roof periodically. When you actively take the initiative to perform this inspection or have a professional do it, you are taking necessary precautions to fix and repair any issues that need to be addressed. This includes repairing any cracks, gaps or damaged shingles that may cause water damage. In turn, this stops the warm or cold air that may infiltrate your home, making your interior less comfortable and energy efficient.


Consider Your Materials

If you are considering making your roof extra energy efficient, consider replacement with materials that will effectively achieve your energy goals. As a homeowner, your chosen roofing material will impact your home’s efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal. For example, lighter-colored roofs reflect more sunlight, so if heat buildup is a concern, a lighter-colored roof can minimize the influx of warm air, keeping your air conditioning bill down.


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