Signs You Need A New Roof

Old Shingles on Roof

Signs You Need A New Roof

old roofHow is the condition of your roof? Are you in need of a repair or is it time to replace it? Most homeowners wait too long and a small problem causes other issues throughout home. Check out some of these red flags below and then contact your local contractor right away!

Roof Age:

How old is your current roof? Typical asphalt roofs last anywhere between 20-25 years. If your roof is anywhere past this, then you should absolutely think about having an inspection. Problems with roofs past this time will be a waste of money as an installation is right around the corner.

Shingle Curling & Buckling:

A big sign that your’re in need of a new roof is if it is curling & buckling. Check out the side of your roof that gets the most sunlight as that has the best chance of shingle troubles.

Missing Shingles: 

A few missing shingles here and there isn’t the end of the world but when it becomes a frequent occurrence it could be a sign that your roof is failing. After you continue to repair shingles, your roof will eventually look like a checkerboard.

Roof Valley:

If you are missing shingles in this area then that is a sure sign that you may need a new roof. Valleys are extremely important to the overall structure of your roof and if compromised could certainly lead to leaking.

Shingle Granules in Gutters:

Check your gutters to see if they are filled with shingle granules. As shingles start to break down granules will start to fall off your roof into the gutters. As well, if you see inconsistent shades on your roof then that is another sign your roof is breaking down and the granules are falling off.

Sunlight Through Your Roof:

Go up into your roof during a sunny day and make sure no sunlight makes it through your roof. This may be the easiest thing to notice and it is also the biggest red-flag. If sun can enter your roof then there is a good chance that rain and possibly other unwanted guests can as well.

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