Signs that You Need a New Deck

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Signs that You Need a New Deck

Decks are perfect outdoor spaces to have at your home as they provide year-round entertainment and outdoor enjoyment. Decks are a great spot to gather with friends and family and provide you with an expansive outdoor living area! However, due to the nature of the outdoors and the location of the deck, they require maintenance, investment, and repairs throughout the years.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable deck here are 5 signs that your deck may need to be replaced:


Unstable Footing

Are you noticing a sinking feeling when you are entertaining on your deck? This is a major sign your deck needs maintenance. All decks are built on an underlying foundation and if your deck looks like it is beginning to sink, the foundation is the problem. Decks are made to hold heavy amounts of weight but can slowly deteriorate over time. If you begin to see this happen to your deck, it’s a necessary sign to repair the footings and maintain foundation stability to ensure safety for you and your guests.


Rotted Wood

Rotted wood is a common problem when it comes to decks, if you notice a soft spot on your deck, it’s an indicator that the wood below is rotted and needs to be removed and replaced. If you are unsure if your wood has rotted, use a screwdriver to poke through soft spots. Or you can call the team and Professional Building Services, we would be thrilled to help you determine if it’s time for a new deck.


Damage from Insects

If gone undetected and untreated, pesky insects can cause significant damage to your deck. Insects like termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants can cause structural damage and can leave you needing a new deck. If you can visibly see the insects, and notice sunken wood, rot, spongy boards, and wood shavings on the ground, it may be time for a new deck.


Loose Floorboards

Due to weather conditions and natural causes, floorboards crack and screws rot. If you notice boards that are bowed and not flat and are wiggly when you walk on them, it is time to replace them. Loose floorboards can cause you and your guests to potentially trip and fall.


Loose Railings

Loose railings on your deck are a serious safety risk that requires attention from decking experts immediately. While they may not be an indicator for a replacement, coupled with other issues it could mean it’s time for a new deck to be installed.


When to Contact a Professional?

Unfortunately, over time every form of building material experiences wear and tear. From cracks to missing screws, some deck issues will lead to a simple repair while other damage will require a full replacement. If you notice significant damage, such as large holes, split boards, signs of termites, and many other issues, contact an expert decking team today. The team at Professional Building Services would be thrilled to assist you in creating a stunning deck that is sure to wow everyone. We have earned elite recognition from Trex and Azek Decking and would be thrilled to utilize our skills to help you!


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