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Cooking, entertaining and whipping up some delicious food and cocktails shouldn’t be limit to the indoors. At Professional Building Services, our custom deck services allow for next level outdoor living.

There is something special about spending time outside, in the fresh air. An outdoor kitchen makes this time spent better than ever. From counter tops and cabinets to a built in grill and refrigerator, the options are truly endless.

Explore Your Outdoor Kitchen Possibilities:



The grill is clearly the most important of all of the outdoor kitchen appliances.  It’s where you’ll do the majority of your outdoor cooking and for that reason, it’s critical to the whole space.

Flat-Top Grill

A flat-top or Hibachi-style grill is an opportunity to make cooking into entertainment. Whether you’re making a stir-fry or some crepes, cooking on a flat-top grill can be an experience.


Power Burner

Want to quickly boil corn or clams outside while simultaneously grilling their meat nearby  A power burner is a high-intensity burner that can bring a huge pot of water to boiling temperature in just a couple of minutes..


Pizza Oven

Imagine a backyard pizza party where friends and family gather and help assemble and bake their own pies. With a pizza oven as one of your outdoor kitchen appliances you can create an entire destination around cooking.



A sink can add a lot of convenience to your outdoor kitchen space by allowing you to wash your hands after touching raw meat or even giving you a place to wash the dishes before putting them away.


Outdoor Refridgerator

Instead of having to run back into the house or keep a cooler filled with ice on a hot summer day, you’ll be able to grab a cold beverage any time from your outdoor refrigerator.


Warming Drawers

If you typically entertain a lot of people, then a warming drawer would certainly make your life easier. That’s because you can keep your already-cooked foods warm as you continue to cook more.


Trash Receptacle

With a built-in trash receptacle like this, you can be certain that trash has a place to go without having to be on display (or stinking up the party).



With a built-in fireplace your summer nights can last that much longer outside. Whether it be with friends and family or relaxing by yourself, an outdoors fir pit is special.



Another variation of a firepit, a fireplace comes with all the same benefits. Based off your preferences, you can have either!



You’d be surprised how important an umbrella can be on those warm and sunny summer days when you need a breath of fresh air on your deck.



Sit back, take a nap or read a nice book with a hammock on your deck. So simply but so amazingly wonderful.

Water Feature

Add a level of sophistication to your custom decking space with a beautiful water feature.



Owning the hottest, best-looking outdoor kitchen on the block means nothing if you don’t have comfortable places for guests to gather, eat, converse and enjoy your hospitality.


Maximize your space by having built-in storage added into your deck.


High Bar Chairs

You should provide guests with bar-height chairs so they can relax around the island while you work, but you still will need to provide comfortable dining and lounging areas.


Get the perfect table for your decking space to bring family and friends together for breakfast, lunch and dinner!



Love smoked meats?  Then a Big Green Egg, or another type of smoker, may be the perfect thing as one of your outdoor kitchen accessories. Building it into the countertop is a great option.

Explore How Your Outdoor Kitchen Could Look:

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