Our Process

In-Person Consultation

1. Request A Consultation

Fill out our online contact form, or give us a call! If you contact us outside of our business hours, we will be sure to get back to you the very next business day. We will find a common time that works with your schedule and book an appointment within a week to accommodate drive-times and varying service areas.

2. Project Consultation In-Person

You will meet a member of our exterior expert team in your project’s specialty area at your home. Professional Building Services (PBS) will perform a Decking, Siding, Roofing, Windows & Door Inspection to determine where installation and replacement is needed.

Next, PBS will take 8 photos of your home from various vantage points. These pictures will be used in our measuring and design software, which will generate a 3D Model of your house for design, customization, and visualization.

After the inspection, we will sit down with you to discuss what is important to you. We will brainstorm your needs and project goals in order to provide a thorough proposal.

We will schedule a date and time with all those involved in the Design process to review your Customized Plan, Scope of Work, and a Comprehensive Proposal.
(Note: you can choose between an In Person or Video Conference).

3. Specifications Development

PBS will prepare a Design Plan, Scope of Work, and a Comprehensive Proposal within 48-72 hours

(with an In-Person measurement process, the software can take a few days to process). 

4. Proposal In-Person Review

PBS will meet you in person (at your home, office, or half-way point) to explain your finalized project specifications and pricing packages.

5. Confirm Final Design Package & Secure Your Spot in the Schedule

All the great contractors have a queue that gets filled up on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’d love to work together, so if you’re interested in our partnership, let us know ASAP.  Solidify your design selections with your Project Consultant and approve your proposals to receive our PBS Welcome Toolbox and access to our Project Management Homeowner Portal.

Online Consultation

1. Begin Consultation Request

Give us a call or fill out one of our many online contact forms!

2. Snap some pictures of your home

Using our App, take 8 simple and easy photos of your home. Our software measures your property and will offer images for our Home Visualizer.

3. All Online, Video Conference - Project Consultation

We can go through the entire consultation process with an easy video conference!

We will discuss:

  1. Design Options
  2. Scope of Work
  3. The Remodeling Process
  4. Pricing Options

4. Proposal Development

Professional Building Services will take all your input to fine tune a perfect proposal.

5. All Online, Video Conference - Review Proposal

PBS will send you a finalized e-contract with detailed project specifications and pricing.

Request Your Free Consultation

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