Top Advantages Of Getting A New Roof

Top Advantages Of Getting A New Roof

You’re a homeowner and weighing the options of whether not you really want to get that new roof installed. You feel like you should, but what exactly is the point? Besides the safety of your family, here are some of the main benefits of getting a new roof installed on your home.

Property Value: If you plan on selling your home in the near future, a new roof will make your house much easier to sell. A roof that needs to be replaced isn’t attractive in terms of a home buyer.

ROI: The money you are putting into getting a new roof isn’t disappearing. New roofs are one of the best home improvement projects in terms of ROI, with a positive yield around 67-70%.

Curb Appeal: Whether it be for yourself, your friends, your family or your neighbors, everyone wants a house that looks nice. It’s estimated that nearly 40% of your homes curb appeal is attributed to your roof.

Energy Efficiency: All parts of your house help in terms of its overall energy efficiency. A failing aspect will likely be the start of air leaks. That means your air conditioning needs to work harder in the summer and your heating needs to work harder in the winter. A new roof could help seal up an air leak that is costing you money.

Peace of Mind: Getting a newly installed roof on your house instantly can put your mind at ease. The stresses of an old roof include the potential for leaks, more damage throughout the house, and so much more. Replace that old roof and feel better about your home!

Manufacturers Warranty: If you have an older roof, there is a good chance that your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Instead of getting hit with an expensive repair, put that money into the investment of a brand new roof.



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