James Hardie Siding vs. Cedar

Cedar siding is a beautiful product and is a staple for houses throughout New England. While wood siding looks great, there are various maintenance aspects that make the siding far less appealing. Wood siding needs to be repainted, and maintained regularly which just adds time, money and extra work that frankly homeowners don’t need to be dealing with. With James Hardie siding, we can mimic the look of both wood shingles and wood planks all while eliminating those annoying maintenance problems.

On top of getting a product that eliminates all of the problems that comes with wood, James Hardie siding is more affordable than wood siding. The siding solution for your home seems pretty simple to us! Watch the video below to learn more about how wood siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding compare.

Check out How Harder Compares to Cedar!

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