Is it Time to Upgrade Your Siding?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Siding?

The siding on your home is what brings everything together. If your whole entire house is beautiful but your siding is lacking then it will bring everything else down with it. But, whether your siding still looks visually appealing or you’re ignoring that fact, what are some other important reasons that you need new siding?

The Energy Bill: Your homes siding and insulation board play a major role in keeping your homes temperature comfortable. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are climbing it’s important to find out the source. Perform an inspection on your home, but if siding is the culprit then you may need new siding.

Warping or Rotting: Frequently walk around your home and inspect your siding. If you see any areas of warping or siding that is breaking down, this is a bad sign. If these problems are occurring, it’s almost like a wide open door for water to enter your home.

You Frequently Need To Paint: Good siding should keep its color for atleast 8-10 years if not longer. If you’re finding yourself needing to paint your siding every 4-5 years then you’re wasting money and your time!

Interior Wall Damage: If your siding is doing its job, it will keep unwanted air, water and other elements outside of your house. If you notice that wallpaper on your outside walls is peeling, bubbling or feeling soft then it may be because there is leak in your siding.

Holes: This may be one of the easier issues to notify. If your siding has holes in it then it has created a wide open entry way for anything to enter your home.

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