How James Hardie Siding Can Help Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

How James Hardie Siding Can Help Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Beat The Heat With James Hardie!


The crisp, humid, and potentially dry summer heat is beginning to enter all across New England. Which means homes all across the area will soon begin to heat up, causing homeowners to crank on their air conditioning to feel relief. Hot temperatures and even hotter homes are unenjoyable and can affect your body negatively, which is why it is increasingly important in the summer to find best practices to regulate the temperature inside of your home effectively. One area to explore and improve is your siding. Siding significantly affects the internal temperature of your home as it is your property’s first line of defense against the roaring sun and heat. To learn more about how siding can help you beat the heat, the siding experts at Professional Building Services have come up with our reasonings why James Hardie can keep your home cool in the summer. To learn more, continue reading below!


Benefits Of James Hardie Siding In The Summer:


Excellent Insulation Possibilities

James Hardie Siding is the top way to keep your home cool from the summer heat. James Hardie is able to help you maintain a cool interior of your home because it has impressive thermal insulation properties that other siding options do not have! This capability in James Hardie Siding acts as a strong barrier against any form of heat transfer, reducing the transmission of unwanted external temperatures into your fabulous home. In addition, this top-tier insulation helps lower your cooling bill, as with less heat transmission, you will not need to pump your air conditioning unit as hard as you would typically have to!


Fade Resistant

One of the standout features of James Hardie siding in the summer is its ColorPlus Technology. This innovative addition ensures your home maintains its vibrant color for much longer than a regular paint job. Unlike typical siding that fades under the sun’s UV rays, James Hardie ColorPlus technology resists UV damage, offering a long-lasting, beautiful exterior for your home.


Reflective Color Properties

James Hardie siding not only excels at maintaining your home’s cool internal temperature, but they also offer an additional range of reflective coatings and colorways for those looking for an extra layer of protection against the harsh summer sun. These specialized James Hardie colorways are designed to minimize sunlight absorption, further reducing heat transfer. By reflecting the sun’s UV rays away from your home, these colors create a cool oasis, shielding your property from the summer heat


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