Helical Piles & Trex Decking

Helical Piles & Trex Decking

Who likes digging footing holes? WE DON’T! It’s not a laziness thing. It’s smarter, better, and more efficient. We swear!

The frostline is no one’s friend and all the beautiful soil we have in New England is not all the same. It needs to be tested to ensure the footings are specifically engineered to have guaranteed security in the ground. Here at PBS, we go the extra mile and ensure the safety of your family in choosing this “optional” or “advanced” technique that others may deem unnecessary. You don’t pay for us to compromise your well-being, and we don’t cut corners; you are a part of the family. Only the best for our homeowners!

With fall and winter around the corner, it is a common belief that building decks is a “no-go” in the upcoming months. That’s not necessarily true. The toughest part is the actual foundation and when contractors choose to dig by hand, they are wasting time and money while prolonging delays and needless inspections. Every year around September and October, we get calls from homeowners wanting us to start their decking projects the following week. Unfortunately, the good contractors can’t start projects at the drop of a hat– we’re busy creating the beautiful decks that made you call us in the first place! However, they are not doomed. We set to have all the helical piles drawn before the ground freezes, and it allows us build all year long ( minus those nor’easters & holidays). Our crews are from New England– they can handle it!
In using helical piles, our crews are able to spend more time on the quality craftmanship required to build Trex decks, and that is why we do what we do in the first place. PBS is proud of every installation & designed deck. Just like this one!

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Check out this Trexpert video from HGTV’s Decked Out Paul LaFrance. Can you tell what’s really Trex and what’s the fake? 

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