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Professional Building Services is proud to provide its customers in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Massachusetts with top-of-the-line hardscape and landscaping services! When you collaborate with Professional Building Services and and our hardscape, landscape, and fencing professionals you are receiving top tier installation, unmatched quality, advanced visual technology and a variety of design options, allowing us to tailor the job directly to your needs and wants. No matter if you are in the process of redoing a small section of your yard or are looking to place a fence around your pool, we guarantee you will receive the look and build of your dreams.

Pool & Fence Installation Services

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Are you looking to turn your backyard into the ultimate backyard oasis? If so you have come to the perfect place! Whether you are looking to craft a pool with fiberglass, gunite or vinyl liner, we’ve got you covered! Here at PBS we have the capability and connections to design and install your perfect backyard oasis! Contact us to learn more and to schedule a consultation today!

Why Do I Need A Fence Around My Pool?

Safe. aesthetic. Privacy

As your front and backyard destination experts, PBS and and our collaborators want to help you create the perfect outdoor space that fits your home perfectly. We also want to create a safe space for you, friends, and family to ensure a positive experience for all.

Benefits of pool fencing

In order to avoid life threatening situations and potential drownings, it is crucial that you properly fence in your pool. The fence will limit access to only adults, keeping young children not equipped to swim on there own from entering the pool area. 

In order to limit pool accidents, having a fence around your pool is a legal requirement in many states and counties around the country.

A pool fence is an impeccable way to add a sense of privacy and comfort to your yard. Your backyard is an open area, allowing many to see in. A pool fence limits this problem, blocking your yards view from neighbors and onlookers from the street.


When choosing to install a fence around your pool you may think you are locked in to one style and shape. However, pool fences come in a variety of heights, materials and styles, allowing you to perfectly choose one that matches your home and style! With so much variation to choose from we are confident that with us you will receive the fence of your dreams!


Hardscape & Landscape Services In MA, ME & NH!

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Here at PBS we have truly set the standard for working with the best of the best in terms of materials, collaborators, design experts and more. Being up to date on the the latest hardscape industry standards, techniques, design process and material’s is priority that has been integrated within our team and it’s reflected in the quality of the work. Whether you are looking to create a retaining wall, walkway, outdoor living space, etc. we can do it all! Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you today!


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For more information about Professional Building Services and to figure out what you are looking for in terms of a landscaping, fencing, and hardscaping services, pease feel free to reach out to us today! We can be contacted over the phone at 603-898-2977 (NH) or 781-995-2335 (MA) or through our online contact form. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!

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