Got Wood?

Got Wood?

Are you wondering where all the pressure treated (PT) wood has gone? You’re not the only one. Lumber shortages are rising and even general contractors are having an extremely hard time supplying materials for all of the projects homeowners desire while quarantining.
Good news is that we regularly install the much better alternative to PT framing: steel. Think about it.
  1. Safety: The interlocking joists, straight, and ledger systems makes for a complete and safe build.
  2. It can be curved. We have a big oven that allows us to curve framing, decking, and railing for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  3. Quicker install. Lighter products means a quicker install–therefore, you can enjoy the finished project straight away!
  4. Low-maintenance. With composite decking and railings, you have a product that lasts 25+ years with PT framing that could only last 5-15 depending on the grade of PT and the installer methods/materials. Having framing that matches the caliber of the decking and railing just makes sense. Doesn’t it?
  5. Triple Coated for Superior Durability: Elevations is the only one-code listed for exterior use.
“Okay. So what’s the downside of steel framing?”
The honest answer is, not everyone does it. We receive the top training in the nation for all things framing and a lot of contractors do not have the level of expertise on steel; therefore, they stick to what they know: PT wood. We thrive on making sure our customers are satisfied, and they are always thrilled with the results of steel framing–especially when we add the special component of curving, which no other contractors in the area can offer.
We do and are building decks year round, so make sure to start planning of you Spring 2021 projects early. It is smart to do decking projects while your spending most of your time indoors, so you can enjoy your yard and oasis as soon as spring rolls around!
Now is an ideal time to get on the schedule and invest in your exterior project by contacting us at Professional Building Services at 603-898-2977. Our team of experts will be there for you every step of the way, from designing to putting the final fastener in your trim. You can be assured that our crew will go above and beyond to give you the home of your dreams. We look forward to working with you!
Check out some of our decking, siding, roofing, window & door projects HERE.
For more information and help in finding a solution for your home remodeling needs, give us a call!

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