FAQ Additions

How much does new construction cost ?

Depends on private (septic or well) or public utilities. How far electric, water or sewer has to be run. Depends on style of the house and soil types if you have to blast ledge. Can be as low as $90/ square foot to the skies the limit.

Is remodeling my existing home less expensive than building a new home ?

We hate to ever say this but – “it depends”. In new construction, we can not see below the grass so we don’t know what surprises lay in wait under the grass (ledge, old debris, etc.). In remodeling, we can not see behind the existing paint so we don’t know what surprises lay in wait (mold, rot, etc.). We really have to do an on-site inspection and can tell a lot from a detailed site inspection.

Do I hire an architect first ?

Absolutely! The more thought up front, the better the plans, the better experience. We cant give you a good number until we know the details. We have several architects we work with that we can recommend.

What can I expect from Professional Building Services?

You can expect us to be with you through the entire process. We do this every day – let us take care of all the “ugly process” issues and ultimately build the project of your dreams.

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