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What does being a Trex ProPlatinum contractor mean?

  • TrexPros are categorized according to their performance and customer feedback from Gold to Platinum, with Platinum being the highest.
  • TrexPro contractors know Trex products inside and out.
  • They have extensive experience with the finer points of Trex installation.
  • They bring a special insight to designing and building a deck that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle.
  • Each TrexPro contractor has been specially trained in Trex’s physical properties, so they can design, bend, and build whatever you need.
  • Each has had their work inspected and approved for craftsmanship and compliance with all Trex installation guidelines.

Difference between deck products?

Trex is the leader and #1 decking company in the world. They have the best warranties in the industry and give extended warranties when we as Trex ProPlatinum contractors install a Trex Transcend deck or rail system.

How long does it take to build a deck?

5 to 7 workdays is what it generally takes to build a deck. Soil conditions are a big variable which may slow up digging the cement footings.

How much do decks cost ?

The cost is largely dependent  on job specifics, please call for details.

How much do rails cost ?

Composite rail systems can vary greatly. The cost is largely dependent  on job specifics, please call for details. .

What lighting should we use?

Low voltage LED deck lighting has become very popular. Stair riser lights are the most popular. Post and cap lights round off a lighting system nicely.

Do you install other decking products?

Trex is our preferred partner. We are Trex Elite council members and Trex ProPlatinum contractors. We strive to be the best so we use the best.

How long will my deck last?

Although the decking and railing with last 12-15 years or more, the deck substructure is most important. Pressure treated frames generally last 1-15 years in our climate. Light gauge steel like Trex Elevations is a 25 year warranty product.

How deep must sonotubes be dug in New Engalnd?

Minimum 48″

How long is warranty ?

  • Trex Warranty
  • 2 year labor warranty on pressure treated frames
  • 5 year labor warranty of light gauge steel systems like Trex Elevations when using Trex Transcend.

What is price difference between light gauge steel (LGS) and PT (pressure treated) lumber?

The price can be same depending on specifics but saves money over the long run by not having to replace rotted timber over time.

What is the deck construction process ?

  • Customer meeting to determine requirements
  • Style, trim and colors chosen
  • Design & paperwork complete
  • Safety measures put in place for construction
  • Dumpster delivered and existing deck demo’d
  • Footings dug, Inspected and filled.
  • Sill prepared for flashing and sealants
  • Frame built, squared and leveled
  • Rail posts set and secured
  • Stairs built
  • Decking laid
  • Rails installed
  • Final Inspection and sign off

Will I be able to stay at home while work is being done ?

Yes, we have never had to have someone temporarily move out for a decking project.

Can I install Trex RainEscapes over an existing deck?

Yes, but the existing deck boards must be removed while you install the Trex RainEscape System.

How do Trex RainEscape’s prices compare to other similar systems?

Although Trex RainEscape is a unique water drainage system it costs less than the nearest competitor.

How durable is the Trex RainEscape System?

Made with rugged plastic and ultra violet inhibitors, the Trex RainEscape system is extremely durable.

How do you clean out the debris from Trex RainEscapes?

There should be very little if any debris that enters the Trex RainEscape system because it has to be small enough to fit through the decking. Small debris simply passes through the Trex RainEscape system with water. In the rare case that there is some build up, simply remove the piece of decking over the affected area and clean as needed.

Can I install the Trex RainEscape system myself?

Yes, with the easy to follow instructions that come with the Trex® RainEscape® system, a pair of scissors, utility knife, staple gun and caulking gun are all you need to install the Trex RainEscape system in one or two hours on most decks.

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