Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Homes Siding

Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Homes Siding

Siding helps protect your home and greatly alters your homes appearance from the outside. After realizing that you need new siding, there are many different factors a homeowner must weigh to help choose the right material/style. To help you narrow down which siding solution is best for you, we have put together the major aspects that vary between siding options:

Affordability: If you don’t have very much money to spend on new siding, that will take out high quality materials and the most experienced contractors from your list. Understand how much money you’re whiling to spend and weigh the estimates from multiple contractors.

Warranty: Manufacturer warranties are important to look at when choosing new siding. Look at your warranty and see how long it lasts, what is covered, how reliable it is, and more!

Maintenance: Each siding material requires a different amount of maintenance and care. Wood siding needs to be painted quite frequently while James Hardie Fiber cement siding is one of the more durable siding solutions out there. Weigh the frequency that you want to take care of your siding and how willing you are to make more repairs in the future.

Durability: Understand the specifics and durability of each siding solution. Look at the pros and cons and understand how long your siding can expect to last.

Aesthetics: The appearance of your siding is one of the more important things to weigh. Look at examples of vinyl, wood, brick, and fiber cement to see how they look on actual homes.

Professional Building Services suggests and only works with James Hardie fiber cement siding. We have worked with vinyl and cedar wood over the years but don’t believe in offering a material we wouldn’t want or trust on our house.

In terms of the factors above, James Hardie leads almost every category. The initial price of James Hardie is higher than vinyl but its warranty, maintenance, durability and aesthetics all blow vinyl out of the water.

To learn  more about James Hardie and how it compares to other siding solutions visit our James Hardie Section.


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