Exterior Home Maintenance During The Fall

Exterior Home Maintenance During The Fall

Professional Building Services provides all of their customers with a wide range of exterior remodeling services which has led us to learn everything a homeowner should do during the fall season to make sure their home is ready for the winter. Staying on top of your home and maintaining it is the best way to get the most out of all of its assets. If you ignore warning signs and don’t take care of your home, you naturally can expect that it’ll deteriorate fast that   From an exterior stand point, be sure that you atleast do these main things!

1. Clean Out Your Gutters: 

Your gutters on your home are more important than you think. After all the leaves have fallen, it is crucial that you clean out your gutters or you could be in a world of hurt. Clogged gutters during the winter can lead to damage to your gutters, ice dams, roof leaks and improper drainage which over time can damage your foundation. So, while cleaning your gutters might not be the most fun thing, it’s important it gets done by you or by hiring a professional.

2. Tree Caring: 

Trees are beautiful and they have the ability to add so much character to your home but when they are too close to your house there is a chance that they can be harmful. If you have any limbs or branches that are hanging over your house, be sure that you get them trimmed before the winter. All the extra snow, ice and winter that comes with winter storms can leave you tree branches vulnerable to break off and damage your house or worse, someone below.

3. Exterior Repairs:

Walk around your house on a nice day and look at your roof, siding and foundation and see if you can spot anything that needs to be repaired. It is important that it gets repaired prior to the winter because at that point it’ll only get worse.

4. Reinforce Doors & Windows:

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners reach out to us to install new windows and doors is because their current situation is leaking in air during every season. This can be a tremendous waste of money so make sure you atleast at weather stripping this fall and then maybe contact a professional to see if new windows are a good option for you.

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