Everything to Know About Stone Veneer: Siding & Fascia Accents

Everything to Know About Stone Veneer: Siding & Fascia Accents

Have you been thinking about adding some masonry to enhance your curb appeal but don’t want the maintenance? Versetta Stone is our favorite stonework to install. It’s low-maintenance with a variety of profiles and color options. Where should you start? We’ve got you covered!


1. Installation: Stone veneer products require a lot of prep work before installation gets installed. As certified Versetta Stone & Installation Masters USA Experts we know how to handle this entire process for you–trying to put up stone veneers without training will 100% backfire. First, asphalt felt is applied as a moisture barrier to prevent water seeping through and damaging house sheathing. Next is self-furring galvanized lath with a mortar scratch coat and setting bed before the final stones of the installation puzzle.


2. Materials: A couple of different materials are combined depending on the stone design selected. Some stone are actual shavings of real stone such as granite and limestone. Since these are thinner pieces, they are lighter than if you went with a standard mason with full stone. Other manufacturers create synthetic stone veneers that look very much like the real thing. These molds are crafted from Portland cement, an aggregate like pumice, and iron-oxide pigmentation.


3. Location: How much stone is too much? That’s entirely up to you. We have some fun software that helps us provide different options. The most popular look is using Versetta Stone for decking fascia instead of wood lattice or PVC fascia. Other people prefer to use it as an accent for select areas on their home, especially while we are doing James Hardie fiber cement installs. The possibilities are endless.


4. Profiles & Colors: This is probably the toughest decision for our homeowners. There’s several profiles and colors available, and they look best when the siding color and surrounding pathways are taken into consideration. We have physical samples we bring on site prior to ordering to make sure the selections work with the neighborhood and house style.


We build year round, so make sure to start planning of you Summer/ Fall 2021 projects early. It is smart to do decking projects while your spending most of your time indoors, so you can enjoy your yard and oasis as soon as spring rolls around! Now is an ideal time to get on the schedule and invest in your exterior project by contacting us at Professional Building Services .

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