Energy-Saving Summer Exterior Remodeling Tips

Energy-Saving Summer Exterior Remodeling Tips

Did you know you can greatly reduce energy expenditure through various exterior home remodeling projects? Exterior renovations on your property are proven to greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Between the nice weather, long-lasting daylight, and a few days off, Summer is a fantastic time to conduct these energy-saving exterior home remodels! This time of the year can spark a sense of greener living, giving you a greater sense to take environmental action on your living choices. That is why our team of exterior home remodeling professionals has compiled our top energy-saving projects that you can tackle this summer!


Top 4 Energy-Saving Home Remodeling Ideas


Replace Your Windows

Installing properly insulated and energy-efficient windows is a fantastic first step to increasing your home’s energy efficiency! Poorly insulated windows are known to increase your pesky cooling and heating bill, as they let the warm air out in the winter and cool air in the summer. When you install energy-saving windows, they regulate the temperature within your home, saving you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill. 


Improve Your HVAC

If you want to save on power, installing an energy-efficient HVAC system is a great addition. Heating and cooling costs comprise almost half of home electricity costs per year. With an energy-efficient HVAC system, you will truly get the most out of your energy savings. However, if you are not looking to invest in a brand-new system, simply improving the ventilation and removing debris is a great way to save.


Repair & Replace Siding

Siding is one of the many core materials that protect your home from outdoor weather, including extreme heat and cold. When the siding of your home begins to deteriorate, the siding insulation becomes less and less effective, causing heating and cooling inefficiencies. If you notice your siding is deteriorating and becoming increasingly less effective as the seasons progress, contact PBS today! Our team of skilled contractors at Professional Building Services always recommends James Hardie siding because of its performance and energy-saving capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing product. 


Install A New Roof

Every year homes lose heat through their roofs; during these summer months, it is important to check your roof’s insulation and overall structure to ensure it meets your home’s needs. If you notice your roof is missing shingles or isn’t properly insulating your home, it may be time to look into roofing repair or replacements. When you repair or replace your roof, you combat seasonal changes in cooling and heating cycles, raising energy efficiency. If you are looking to install a new roof, don’t fear, Professional Building Services is happy to provide you with Owens Corning Roofing, Metal Roofing, Velux Skylights & Calorique De-Icing System that is sure to increase your home’s energy efficiency this summer.


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