Do I Have Ice Dams?

Ice Dam on Roof

Do I Have Ice Dams?

In snowy areas of the country such as New England Ice Dams are a fact of life for many different people. Understanding what they are and how to notify when you have them is the first step too keeping your roof and home safe during the winter.

What are ice dams? When snow builds up on your roof and begins to melt it can form a ridge of ice on the edge of your roof. As this ice builds up it can create an issue where water can no longer drain off your roof. With a back up of water that means it needs to go somewhere and that somewhere can be into your house. This nagging ice dams can cause for leakage that causes damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and many more areas.

Do I have ice dams? Walk around your yard and look at the icicles around your house. If icicles are just confined to the gutters and you can see that no water is trapped behind them then ice dams have likely not formed. If you can notice a large sheet of ice covering your gutters then this is when you need to contact a professional. Additionally if you notice any water stains or moisture in your attic, ceiling or exterior walls of your house then this could also be a sign.

How do I Remove an Ice Dam? An exterior work during the winter is extremely dangerous and when dealing with your roof it only amplifies this. Contact your local contractor today to ensure that your ice dams are cleared up and so this issue wont happen again. Dealing with Ice Dams each and every winter can be costly and stressful. Professional Building Services provides a roofing solution that prevents the buildup of ice at the edge of your roof. Please feel free to reach out to learn more!

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