Creative Ways to use the Space Under My Deck

Creative Ways to use the Space Under My Deck

Trex decking and Azek decking have amazing technology that allows you to dry-proof the space which sits under your deck. It truly revolutionizes that way you can use this space and opens up so many possibilities. Listed below are some of our favorite ways to maximize and utilize the space under your deck.

Storage: So many homeowners are always looking for new space to place their extra belongings. Take your kids tools, pool accessories and garden tools out of your cluttered garage and place them underneath your deck.

Patio Area: Install a patio area under your deck and use it for a place to cool down. A nice shady area that you can also bring friends and family if it starts to rain during the summer.

Play Area: If the area under your deck isn’t big enough for you, it could be the perfect spot for your children. Get creative and build a fun space that your children can enjoy throughout the year. Since it is tough to build grass under a deck, you could plant down artificial turf instead.

Screened Porch Area: Keep the bugs out and hide from the sun with a nice screened porch area under your deck. Even more versatile than a patio area, a screened porch is a great place to add relaxing space to your home.

Decks are amazing and add so much value to a home, but people often underutilize the space under the deck. Transform that space starting today!

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