Beat the Winter: How to Prepare your Roofing

Beat the Winter: How to Prepare your Roofing

shingle-roofingHere are five tips to follow to ensure you enjoy a leak-free winter:

1.     Keep your roof and gutters clean. One of the leading causes of roof damage and leaks is debris. Major problems in your attic and second/third floors of your home can be a result of clogged gutters resulting in ice dams and dangerous icicles. Protect your biggest investment before the temperature starts for drop below freezing regularly by clearing dead leaves, branches, garbage, and other waste. Proper insulation and ventilation of the attic space is intended to keep the roof surface at or near outdoor temperatures.

2.     Cut overhanding tree branches. Trimming any branches lurking over your roof will reduce the amount of organic debris that ends up on your roof greatly. Therefore, your need for roofing repairs will be less likely.

3.     Assess your attic for upgrades. Since many winter leaks are caused by snow, which melts because too much heat escapes through the roof, a well-insulated attic can prevent a lot of roof leaks and wood panel rot. However, do not discount the amount of damage to your attic/ roof in during the other 3 seasons. Poorly ventilated attics without solar power roof vents, ridge vents, etc. can result in variations of mold.

4.     Use a roof rake. During these strong New England winters, these handy products can help for a quick fix for removing excess snow accumulation, which is another way to prevent roof leaks & ice dams. A word of caution; be careful not to snag the rake on your gutters as you pull back down.

A few housing complications that arise from ice dams are: cracked plaster ceilings and walls, peeling paint, soaked carpets, buckled wood floors, drenched insulation, rotting joists, and mold. The most common form of ice dam damage is collapsed rain gutters, sometimes bringing the fascia boards with them. Preventing ice dams helps avoid damage and costly repairs. Did you know that from 2002-2007, the second largest share of homeowner insurance claims were a result of water damage and freezing, according to Claire Wilkinson of the Insurance Information Institute?

5.     Hire the Platinum Professionals with the Total Protection Roofing System. At some point, a roof meets the end of its life. She’s fought the good fight, but after 7+ years, her flashing, shingles, nails, etc. have just about had it. She may even be 4-5 years old but poorly installation had her troubled from the start. Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand that roofing systems as an entirety (Breathe, Defend, Seal) are necessary to protect your biggest investment: your home. Check out the “5 Reasons Why Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System & Calorique De-Icing System Stand the Test of Time” below.


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