5 Ways Financing Your Siding Project Saves You Frustration & Money!

5 Ways Financing Your Siding Project Saves You Frustration & Money!

Does your house look like this? If so, your siding is at the point of no return. Do you paint, patch, or vinyl? Whether you are planning on selling in 5 years or staying for 30 years, these options are short-term solutions with low satisfaction. If you know us well, you know James Hardie Fiber Cement is the only true option.

You say,”But I can’t afford using Hardie.”

We say, “You can’t afford not to.”

Now, more than ever, homeowners are opting to finance their home remodeling projects–especially siding, window & door projects. Check out why & how you can use financing to save you frustration and money.

1. It Is Only Going To Get Worse:

  • The design of your house isn’t changing. If you have a lot of areas where roofing meets siding, or siding meets the ground, those same areas are getting hit by rain, snow, and wind. You are working with the temporary solutions of the previous homeowners and possibly shoddy work of repairs or even the original builder/sider. It’s always best to take action before it’s too late!
  • If you have failing wood, masonite, low-quality/ first generation composite siding, you will notice moisture, rot repair, nails being pushed out, and less and less time in between paint jobs. At a certain point, wood loses its ability to hold paint and nails; therefore, your house is losing its defense against the elements, drawing in moisture and causing water damage and rot.
  • If you have vinyl siding, you’re often times in an even worse situation. All vinyl is designed to allow water to go behind it, which is then “supposed to” drain back out these weep holes. However, water often gets trapped in the interior vinyl pockets and creates a pool on top of your sheathing. Not to mention, that there are 7 different kinds of vinyl siding and are vulnerable to cracking, breaking, burning and pests.Vinyl hides rot better than wood, which is why we find more significant unexpected rot repair costs on vinyl jobs!
  • All water damage causes rot. The amount of rot depends on your actions. Rot spreads like a virus; once it penetrates your trim or siding, it goes into your sheathing and then into the interior of your home, causing even more costs (electrical, drywall, flooring, etc.). This is why it can be super difficult to full warranty any window/ door only projects without chasing that water damage throughout the entire wall of the home. Bugs then go to the water. Woodpeckers go to those bugs. It is an endless cycle that really highlights how wood, masonite, general composite, and vinyl siding has no chance in New England.
  • Many homeowners are financing their project so they can do it NOW (sooner rather than later) & save themselves from expensive rot repair and interior remodeling projects. Why wait and let more damage occur?

2. Partial Projects:

  • In an ideal world, we would have unlimited funds to do projects right and fully the first time. However, every home and customer is different with varying needs and obstacles. We completely understand. We are seeing an influx of people selecting financing for just the sides of their house that are showing more evidence of damage than the others. We’re able to parcel out the project into smaller chunks and cover an area cornerboard-to-cornerboard so it doesn’t break the bank and is protecting the structural integrity of that wall.
  • In some instances, homeowners want to do window & door projects at the same time as the siding project, so they will do cash or home equity line for the siding component & then PBS financing for the windows. That way, there is the best installation for that wall as possible & homeowners are not faced with a “chicken and egg” situation.

3. Combining PBS Financing with Home Equity Line:

  • There’s also an increase of people who are selecting financing for their job through PBS while waiting for many months until their home equity line is ready to go. Once their Home Equity Line comes through, they use that money to pay off the PBS loan.
  • All of our Financing options have ZERO pre-payment penalties. Homeowners are not bogged down with a ton of paperwork. All it takes is a 15 minute phone call with PBS and Service Financing Company to check your approval. We have 12 month Same As Cash, 5 year, 10 year, and 15 year options.
  • This quick solution allows homeowners to do the project ASAP, avoiding future repair costs and higher heating and cooling costs.

4. ROI & Heating/ Cooling Costs:

  • Most trustworthy & responsible siding contractors should tell you that doing your soffit & fascia project at the same time as your siding, window, cornerboard trim is important. Although it is really part of your roofing system, roofers often don’t recommend doing so as it shortens the life of your roof. Increasing and strengthening your soffits creates better intake to your outtake (roof ridgevent); therefore, your ridgevent isn’t working overtime to compensate. The results: having a more balanced temperate in your attic/ roof/ second story and lowering your heating and cooling costs. All of the time that you delay doing your siding project is costing money that could be better spent on protecting your home, groceries, vacations– you name it!
  • To the same effect, fully replacing your existing weather barrier with Hardie House Wrap & properly insulating and sealing around your windows & doors with 6 Inch Grace Ice & Water Shield will also help with these costs. You cannot believe the difference it makes, even on houses from 1990+.
  • Even if your plan is to move in the next couple of years, homebuyers expect Hardie (especially if you are in MA). We have realtors reach out to us hoping to have Hardie installed on their homeowner’s house within the month so they can push that ROI upon selling, increasing the price tag of the home and quickening the sale.Why? Hardie is #1 Return On Investment for remodeling projects. Check out the 2 minute Cost vs. Value Report below for more info.

5. PBS Financing Partnership:

  • We solely use Service Financing Company (SFC) for our financing options because they are the easiest to set up, have a high approval rate, treat our homeowners well, and have excellent minimum and maximum amounts.
  • Most construction companies that offer financing have pre-payment penalties, minimums of $10,000 to $20,000, $50,000 maximums, and require immediate payment and/or deposits.
  • PBS & SFC have zero prepayment penalties, minimum of $1,000, maximum of  $100,000, and does not require immediate payment and/or deposits. Why? Because of our decades long trend of being fiscally responsible and our outstanding industry status allowing us to negotiate the best rates.

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