5 Things Your Basement Can Be

5 Things Your Basement Can Be

Do you have an unfinished basement in your home? If so, what do you use it for? Maybe as some storage space? A rough home gym perhaps? Either way, it’s time to start thinking bigger, and put that space to better use! With the upcoming winter meaning more time spent indoors, a finished basement can be utilized for new activities and more room to socialize. Make your basement a top attraction with these 5 things your basement can be.

A Home Theater

Home TheaterMaybe you are finally tired of having your Netflix binges on your tiny laptop. Or perhaps listening to dinner being made and the kids screaming at the same time your favorite film quotes are being delivered finally got to you. Either way, you could benefit from a dedicated space to watch TV, and where better than your empty basement? With its underground placement, it already has an acoustic advantage and will make the most of whatever sound system you put in it. Plus with its separate positioning, it’s the perfect place to have friends over to watch the game or even have some alone time to yourself. Enjoy the enhanced experience and defined space that a basement home theater provides.

A Game Room

Basement Game RoomIf you are more of a social butterfly and want to have people over for activities and interactions, a game room is a perfect way to bring friends together. Here you can place a pool table, dartboard, and an open bar and seating to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. A TV and digital gaming system such as a PS4 or Nintendo only increases the options for things to do. However if you want to really stand out, a retro arcade console or pinball machine is the ultimate gaming flex.

A Home Gym

Home GymWe mentioned a home gym previously in the beginning, but putting work into a dedicated space for you to get in shape can only motivate you further to achieve your body goals. Adding in large mirrors and good lighting will make the results of your hard work stand out even more, and putting in a soundsystem will blast your favorite hard-hitting tunes better than your earphones ever could. But probably the best part about all this is not having to deal with the machine sharing and odors of other people like you would have to at a commercial gym. Now that is priceless.

A Music Room

Basement Music RoomYou may not have achieved your childhood dream of becoming a rock star, but there’s nothing stopping you from continuing your musical passion at home if you have a music room. Take advantage of the previously mentioned acoustic advantages and make a space to house your instruments, put up your favorite band memorabilia, or even have a place for you and your friends to jam. Just make sure that if loud instruments such as drums and trumpet are involved that you install sufficient sound insulation as well.

A Children’s Playroom

Children PlayroomWhile a music and fitness room may suit your goals and passions, and a game room and home theater may be great for entertaining, perhaps what is most needed at the end of the day is a dedicated space for the kids to play around. Decorate it in bright colors and put your kid’s favorite toys in there, or even put in a large dollhouse or playset for them to have fun in. Having such a place not only keeps the kids in one spot, allowing you to carry on with your other duties around the house, but also enables them to have a fun and interactive space where they can have playmates over and create some warm early memories. Perhaps that is more worth it than anything.

Besides, by the time they hit their teens, they’ll want any one of those other four rooms anyway. Enjoy it together!

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