5 Roofing Problems & Solutions!

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5 Roofing Problems & Solutions!

When was the last time you or a licensed professional inspected your roof? Be honest–it’s been a while. Roofing is the #1 most neglected exterior remodeling project. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have problems you can’t ignore. Be sure to protect you, your family, and your possessions and inspect your roof annually.


1. Poor/ Damaged Flashing:

  • Commonly vulnerable areas on a house that are poorly flashed are where roofing meets siding, bay windows, vent pipes, chimneys, farmers porches/ screen porches, and skylights. All cracked or failing flashes must be replaced with new materials. In some cases, some rows of shingles and siding may need replacement as well for full efficiency.


2. Torn/ Missing/Scorched Shingles:

  • Shingle sealants can wear down over time and abused from sun, wind, snow, rain, rodents, or debris. If there are only a couple of shingles that need some love, it is possible for you to find single shingles and patch the problem areas yourself; however, many more shingles will surely follow. For roofs with a lot of algae/ sun damage, hiring a certified installer to help with your roof’s overall ventilation solution will help immensely.


3. Roof Leaks:

  • Most homeowners discover a roofing leak from the inside of their homes–yikes! That means electrical, drywall, ceiling, water damage, and rot issues. In addition to poor flashings, puncture areas, failing gutters, and woodpecker damage can also be a source of small leaks that grow into big problems. Preemptively check your attic for water stains, mold, or black marks with a flashlight. If anything looks concerning, it is best to contact a professional roofing company for a true assessment and action plan.


4. Ice Dams:

  • If you have a lot of valleys in your roofline, you’re more at risk for ice dams and reducing the life of your roof. Snow and water become stagnant and penetrate roofing shingles, which then causes plywood and interior damage. As this water freezes, it expands and props the shingles open for more water to get in. It is only when the weather starts warming up that homeowners see the true consequences and roofing issues. Proper ventilation (vented soffits, gable vents, and proper vents) and Calorique warming panels are great solutions to these issues.


5. Tree Damage/ Granule Loss:

  • If you have a roof older than 2 years old and are seeing roof granules in your gutters/downspouts, you have a problem. Small trees and rodents can brush up against your roof for an extended period of time and can quickly destroy your shingle’s top layer. Without granules to protect your roof from UV rays, your home is left extremely vulnerable to all damage preciously listed. Check your clogged gutters for fallen granules and trim your branches.

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