5 Reasons Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Exterior Home Remodeling Projects!

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5 Reasons Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Exterior Home Remodeling Projects!

1.Less Expensive:
Manufacturers/ distributors run special offers and promos on materials during the winter months. We do our best to get these conversations without wholesale providers started early to help our homeowners as much as possible.
You can avoid manufacturer price increases. It’s no secret that spring is the most popular time to start exploring or committing to an exterior home remodeling project. Manufacturers know this and will raise their prices annually (at least) and in turn increase the overall cost of your project. All of the products we install are high in quality and warranties with the strength to endure our New England winters and allows us to install all year round.  Take advantage of getting your project done before this spike in pricing!

2.Contractor Availability:

We hear it all the time from homeowners who reach out to us in March and April that they want to jump the rush of calls and get their project started ASAP. The problem is that the great contracting companies start booking out their spring and summer projects in January and February.

I know it is shocking. You aren’t the only one to say, “Really?! How is that possible?!” Yes, the materials you choose for your house are extremely important, but please recognize the essential value ofsnowman your certified contractor. Quality installation is crucial to supporting warranties and ensuring our homeowners’ 100% satisfaction.

3.Convenient Scheduling:

Continuing on the idea of making sure your favorite contractor is available, you need to make sure you will be able to verify your project will take place during a time period that works for you. Some homeowners want to be away while their project is taking place and limit their exposure to demo and noise. Our homeowner interface Builder Trend allows our homeowners to be as involved as they like, with daily logs, progress photos, invoice tracking, etc. We’ve even had homeowners come back from their honeymoon with two beautiful Trex decks!
Or maybe you are the exact opposite and want to watch the different stages of the projects. We love waving at kiddos who peek out windows to admire our crews! You may want to schedule around your vacations, which tend to happen most during spring break, summer break, and right before school starts in September.
One last time-sensitive factor to consider is working you project around parties. Pool parties, BBQs, birthday parties, holiday parties-you should enjoy gatherings without the stress of them being scheduled right in the middle of your construction project. We get it-we’re a five generation, family-run company after all. You should enjoy your time with loved ones as much as possible.
 4.Avoid Additional Expenses:
Do you know what’s really underneath your roofing, siding, decking, window/ door frame? Probably not. Depending on the age and condition of your house, there’s a possibility for rot, mold, water, and bug damage that threatens the interior projects of your home. There is never a convenient time to fix this damage and it never seems to happen when you have a surplus of income-wouldn’t that be niceJ
Take control of this “surprise,” and don’t let this damage get worse over a couple of winter months. You’d be shocked just how much snow/ water gets to the plywood, framing, valleys, and ledgers of your home with poor installation of flashing, ice and water shield, drip edges, and vinyl trim. Not to mention how much heat loss you experience with insufficient to zero house wrap. It’s actually the best time of year to find the flaws in your exterior projects. Nothing exposes the breezy areas of your house and roof leaks like snow, ice, and wind!

5.Faster Approval:

Did you know that building inspectors can take 30-60 days to approve or disapprove for a permit depending on your town? If you’re around conservation lands or in the historical society, tack on an extra couple extra months-at least! On top of all of this, town inspectors and office workers tend to take weeks off in the summer conveniently at the same time contractors try to pull permits for your house!
The facts are the government officials are less busy in the winter, which makes it easier and quicker to obtain necessary permits. Depending on what projects you’re doing and the town you live in, you may need special permits for electrical and dumpsters on top of your building permit. If this is the case, electricians typically need to pull their permits before we can pull our building permits. It’s a process we are familiar with and do our best to run as efficiently as possible for homeowners; however, winter is an ideal time to be able to communicate and move paperwork along ASAP.

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