5 Fun Things to do at Home Right Now!

5 Fun Things to do at Home Right Now!

Sun is out but we’ve been encouraged to stay at home. Take a deep breath! You are not alone. We are all alone, together during this uncertain time.
Staying at home can be a blessing in disguise. Sure, juggling work, schooling, and our children’s shenanigans is no walk in the park. But we’re always so busy, busy, busy that it is nice to slow down, appreciate, learn, and make great use of the ‘extra’ time we have with our families. Here are some fun ways to enjoy the summer while keeping social distancing in mind!
1. Check out famous museums virtual tours:
You can experience world tours, classes, and educational demonstrations right from your laptop!
2. Do an online cooking demo by a celebrity chef:
You can finally get around to learning how to make your own pasta or perfecting some yummy summer desserts.
3. Involve your kids in a virtual trip to the Kennedy Space Center:
What is cooler than sharing a livestream lesson about working and living space?
4. Utilize home work out programs for adults and kids:
The Covid-15 weight gain is a real thing– so why not involve the entire family in improving our health routines. Right now, Beachbody is offering FREE kid workout programs with no registration required.
5. Improve curb appeal with gardening and landscaping:
We’re seeing so many families create their own gardens and having their children decorate and label with rocks. If you don’t have a green thumb, build a bonfire pit surrounded by pavers. Our PBS team loves finishing off a decking project with Azek pavers.
Now, go out and have some fun! Continue to take care, wash your hands, and be safe. Reach out if we can help in any way!
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