5 Decking Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard Unlike Any Other

5 Decking Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard Unlike Any Other

Perhaps you’ve decided that it is time to fill in all that empty space in your backyard with something new. A deck is a perfect option that can be utilized for most of the year, unlike a pool or garden, which  only is viable for the warmest months. Perfect for social gatherings, a deck can bring endless fun to a backyard for years to come. Here are 5 great ideas on what to do with yours.

Incorporate Multiple Tiers

Outdoor Deck Tier

A multi-tier deck is a great way to break up the monotony of a large blank surface, and divide the deck into designated areas for dining, gathering, barbecuing, fireplace, etc. It also adds depth to your backyard, and allows for a more visually appealing space that is more interesting to interact with. Do note, however, that this type of design is best suited for larger spaces, and that it’s best that you have a large enough surface area for it to be broken up comfortably.

Add Decor

Deck Decor

A deck would be heavily underutilized if it didn’t have adequate decor. Outdoor seating furniture is a must in order to properly fulfill a decks purpose as an entertainment space. If you want to host barbecues, than of course having a grill outside is an essential as well. A fire pit is the hallmark of an outdoor social area, and will also keep the deck a place people will visit during the colder seasons of fall and spring. All of these are items are guaranteed to create a cozy, comfortable area for you and your guests.

Provide Shelter

Shelter Outdoor Decor

Despite the point of a deck being to embrace and enjoy the outdoors, it helps to provide a little shelter from wind and rain. Some outdoor umbrellas that you can attach to a table or to the deck is a great start. For a more elaborate option, install a covered porch that will provide the ultimate in protection from the elements, without taking you away from the beautiful outdoors.

Add Accenting Pieces

Wind Chimes

A few accenting pieces can bring a little flavor to a backyard. Statues are always a good start, as they are easily available and require next to no maintenance. Other things, like weatherproof pieces of art and wind chimes can also add a little character and charm.

Plant a Deck Garden

Potted Plants

Despite all the decor and accessories, there is nothing that completes a backyard like natural elements. This doesn’t have to come in the form of a large backyard garden. It can be a few potted plants, and maybe even a little miniature fountain. Both of these can be pretty inexpensive, and the plants can be moved indoors when the weather gets colder.

Overall, a deck can provide the ultimate in outdoor entertainment. It can bring people together, and allow friends and family to take full advantage of the outdoors. If you want to learn more about decking options, please contact us at 781-995-2335, or submit an inquiry form.

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