4 Ways to Deck Out Your Exterior Project This Spring!

4 Ways to Deck Out Your Exterior Project This Spring!

The holidays are over. Spring is right around the corner, which is getting you thinking about your next exterior remodeling project! Set your family up for success. Don’t plan your projects in the spring and expect them to be completed in the summer. Great contractors get scooped up quick! You want to beat the rush of calls, and that rush is happening now!

Decking has come a long way over the years. There is a plethora of great-looking and well-functioning materials to choose from, different layouts and shapes, metal framing, curved decking and railings, and other technological enhancements. The standard norm is no longer a cedar deck. Who wants the maintenance and hassle?

How are you going to ensure that you are not only satisfied with your project but get a project that exceeds your expectations? Check out how you can “Deck Out” your deck to the fullest!

1. Let the Sun Shine In: Especially if you have a particularly sunny area in your yard, look into getting a pergola. Not only does this aesthetically look pleasing from afar, it elongates and defines your space while providing you some much-needed shade.

2. Curve It Out: Basic square or rectangle shaped decks are a tired look that most homeowners are staying away from. With our giant Trex Oven, we are able to bend the metal framing and curve your decking and railing. Whether it is a full curve or just a small bump-out section of your deck, curves give your deck and yard a tremendous amount of character and charm.

3. Light Up Your Life: 9 out of 10 decks we do involve some sort of deck lighting. Cap lights, riser lights, and post lights are expected. How many lights and the particular areas are up to you. Although this feature is beautiful, it functions for safety as well.  On those gorgeous nights out on your deck, you want to make sure you can see where you are going!

4. Color Your Railing: White posts, white railing, and white balusters is a clean look. However, there is a great opportunity to bring your railing to life. Two-tone or three-tone railing combinations give an elevated look to any deck. Those black, round metal balusters offer a sleek look, which is very popular on properties with scenic views!

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