4 Tips to Know Before a New or Replacement Skylight Installation!

4 Tips to Know Before a New or Replacement Skylight Installation!

Is there an ideal time to install or replace an existing skylight? Yes– during your reroofing project is more cost-effective. However, there are multiple avenues to take to ensure a 100% weather-tight installation.

Especially if you are concerned about the potential damage from cutting in a brand new skylight in your existing roof, these 4 tips will help you in your skylight remodel project. As Certified Velux Installers, we ensure all our work is backed by their certified installer warranties.

1. Save Money & Time:

During a skylight replacement, we remove the shingles around the skylight to re-flash and seal the window to the roof deck or curb. Therefore, the most ideal, cost-efficient time to replace a skylight is when you re-roof and area removing all the old shingles to lay down new ones anyway.

2. Coincide Warranties:

VELUX is the only skylight company to implement three layers of protection to give you peace of mind against leaks. Our industry-first Leak Warranty covers your skylight and its installation against leaks for 10 years. If you replace when you re-roof, you can coincide your skylight warranty with your roof warranty for better overall protection.

  1. The pre-attached deck seal on all deck-mounted skylights for leak-proof installation.
  2. Adhesive underlayment for secondary water protection.
  3. Engineered flashing for primary water protection.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency:

VELUX continually develops and tests our skylights to ensure we maintain our high standard of design. We offer Clean, Quiet, & Safe Glass (with advanced Low E coating) that provides the best balance of daylight and heat control, improving the energy efficiency of your window.

4. 30% Federal Tax Credit:

When you Go Solar, you can save big! Go Solar with VELUX by opting for our solar-powered skylights or shades and your entire project-product and installation becomes eligible for a 30% federal solar tax credit. Save big on both your home’s energy efficiency and in your pocket with VELUX solar-powered daylighting product.

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