4 Reasons Why is Summer is the Best Season for a Roofing Remodel

4 Reasons Why is Summer is the Best Season for a Roofing Remodel

Picture this: it’s December 31st. You’re an hour away from hosting 40 people for a New Year’s Eve party, staring at the pots full of snow water on your floor. It’s been over three weeks since you had someone patch up your existing roof, and it just broke back open. You’re about to pull your hair out, wishing you listened to the roofing expert whose solution was a full roofing remodel and offered financing. No contractors are open during the holiday week.

Let’s face it: MOST roofing remodeling projects are done on an emergency basis. Roofing is not a shiny new kitchen or deck, but it is keeping your family and possessions weather tight. Why put it on the back burner until a crisis situation? Here are 3 reasons why summer is the absolute ideal time to get your roof inspection scheduled.

Avoid Rot, Mold & Water Damage:

In doing a complete roofing solution, your home is completely susceptible to weather interfering with the quality of the installation & condition of existing plywood. You are more likely to experience unexpected rain, hail, or snow storms during the other 3 seasons, which could lead to contractors leaving the job site without fully ensuring the area is weather tight. In these situations, exterior damage grows into interior damage and brings additional costs to the homeowner.

Ensure Quality Roofing Installation:

Summer application means warmer conditions. This is favorable for the products as well as the crews installing the materials. The fluctuating New England temperatures can make it difficult to schedule projects and install asphalt roofs, as proper installation requires temperatures 40 degrees or higher. It can also be a concern that laborers could rush through to job. They could simple want to finish up early, get back to their warm cars, and not focus on taking the necessary time to flash and seal the roof. An inspection is going to be much more thorough in the summer months, as there is no ice and snow to move in order to see “the good stuff” or cause your contractor to slip on.

Paying the Right Price For Roofing

When people are forced into roofing projects due to emergency/ crisis situations, they will often times pick an ineffective patch job or less expensive roofing remodel as it is an unplanned expense they don’t have much knowledge on. This could include but is not limited to lesser quality materials (underlayments, ice & water shield, nails, shingles), product warrantees, contractor warrantees, contractors who don’t have sufficient proof of being ‘fully insured’, contractors who are dishonest or unprofessional, etc.

Your roof protects your most precious possessions. It is NOT the place to cut

corners and the vetting process should be taken very seriously. Summer roofing inspections mean you can lock in rates before the “busy roofing season” and vendor price increases. It also gives you an option to look into a home equity loan or learn about which reputable contractors (such as PBS) offer financing opportunities. Lastly, you have the time to fully understand product, installation, and the cost of what it takes to do the project right the first time. This will allow you to plan for the proper roofing solution accordingly, for when that emergency/crisis situation inevitably comes.

Scheduling Your Roofing Project

In getting a roof inspection now, you’re contacting contractors on roofing’s “off-season.” This means that the good contractors won’t already be taken and will have the availability to take on your project. Your contractor’s overall production queue should be easier to work with as well. Summer roofing projects means you are not vulnerable to the fall winds, winter storms, and ice dams, or spring downpours, which would delay your project’s start and/or completion date.

Don’t wait until you have a pool in your brand new kitchen.

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