3 Reasons Why Steel Framing Deck Designs Are A No Brainer!

3 Reasons Why Steel Framing Deck Designs Are A No Brainer!

So you’re thinking of building a deck. Great! Where to start–materials, layout, framing, decking, railing, contractor? It can be overwhelming and often costly if not planned out properly.

Sure, the aesthetics are important and the fun part; but when it comes to building structures in New England (especially those with a roof load like a 3 or 4 season room), you need to consider a couple of other factors. Decks cannot be built today how they were 5-10+ years ago. Let’s dive into what you need to know to make the best investment and design for your family.

Why Do A Design?

  • Work Out The Logistics Without The Cost: There are A LOT of factors when designing a deck or 3 season room. How do you want to use the future space? What sort of activities and events does your family enjoy? Are you close to conservation land? Especially if you are going to go the 3 or 4 season room route, you benefit from seeing the CAD software (3D Model) of the new structure and staircase on your house. Don’t lend yourself to be vulnerable to more expenses than necessary. You do not want to be the person who has a half built project and decides they hate the layout and want to start from scratch. It is expensive!
  • Your Inspector Will Need It: All inspectors in MA (and most inspectors in NH) require a set of plans as well as a piling report. Whether you pay for the design upfront or after a contract is signed and you hit the permitting stage, you’re going to need a design plan. When doing a design with PBS, you own the plans. If you move forward with project, PBS applied 50% of that design fee toward your decking project!

Why Do Steel Framing?

  • Doesn’t Make Sense Not Too: Think about it: you’re putting a 25+ year warranty decking and railing product on your house. Why would you put it on pressure-treated framing with 5+ year warranty? Even the highest quality PT will not last the life of your composite decking and railing. The true low maintenance solution is steel framing.
  • It Isn’t As Heavy As PT: This means a quicker install with less helical piles. Fewer piles is even more appealing for those considering to build with a hot tub or to use Dry Space options for a living space under your decking structure.
    It Is More Fun: The design possibilities are endless. Most people select steel for its curving capabilities. We have our own oven to get the job done and can incorporate curved railings, decking, and landing pads.

Why Put A Primary Focus On Your Contractor?

  • I Built Decks In College. I bet I could install this stuff: Yes, these products are incredible, but why not see if you can buy them and install them yourselves? There is a science to the install that is crucial for the success of these products. That is why there are certified contractors like us for Trex, Azek, and Fortress. Not only do you get an additional labor warranty when you hire a certified installer, but you get the job done right the first time(saving you money).
  • Not All Contractors Are The Same: It is very important to note that there are different levels within each of these certification programs. So while it may seem like you are comparing apples-to-apples, you’re not being properly presented the differences in labor and materials. For example, PBS is the only New England installer who sits on the Trex Pro Platinum Elite Council board as #2 in the nation. Trex Pro, Trex Pro Golds, Trex Pro Platinums are simply not the same.

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